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HDMI Splitter and Distribution

Amplifier with HDBaseT Lite


Thank you for purchasing the Accell UltraAV HDMI
Distribution Amplifi er. This product is designed to provide
an exceptional performance and value. Please review the
manual before operating and retain for future reference.
1. Ensure the unit has suf cient
ventilation. Do not cover
ventilation openings. Do not install
in a confi ned space.
2. Do not operate near source
of heat. Do not stack on top,
underneath or between other heat
generating unit/s including other
amplifi ers.
3. Unplug power adapter if not
used for an extended period.
4. To prevent damage from power
surges, the unit should be plugged
into a surge protector or surge pro-
tected power source.
5. Do not use near liquid or areas
of heavy moisture.
6. Clean unit with a clean and dry
cloth only.
7. This unit cannot be serviced in
the eld. Contact Accell if service is
8. Do not open case, risk of shock -
shock hazard.
9. Do not modify power cord or use
the product if the power cord is
The UltraAV HDMI Distribution Amplifier (Splitter) featuring HDBaseT
Lite accepts a signal from a single HDMI enabled audio/video source and
splits the single input into 4 HDMI outputs. The audio/video signal is
mirrored on up to 4 HDMI displays, monitors, projectors or TV’s.
Over-Current and Over-Voltage Protection
The circuit boards are equipped with both over-current and over-voltage
protection and will automatically power down if encountered. The circuit
boards will restore automatically once the excessive current or voltage
has passed.
Package Contents
●HDMI Distribution Amplifier (Splitter) ●1 Power Adapter (for Matrix)
●4 HDBaseT Receivers ●4 Power Adapters (for Receivers)
●Owners Manual ●4-Pair IR-TX and IR-RX
1x4 HDMI Splitter with HDBaseT Lite
Model: K078C-008B
Speci cations
● Connect 1 HDMI Source to up to 4 HDMI Displays
● Supports HD resolutions up to 1080P and 3D
● HDMI 1.4a, HDCP 1.2 compliant
● Data transfer speed of 6.75Gbps (225MHz)
● Audio formats supported: DTS-HD 7.1, Dolby True-HD 7.1
● Deep color up to 36-bit
● Maximum HDMI input/output cable length: Up to 16ft./5m
● Maximum Cat5e/6 output cable length: Up to 230ft./70m
● Shelf or surface mountable
● 9V DC, UL Listed Power Supply for 1x4 Splitter Unit
● 5V DC, UL Listed Power Supplies for Receiver Units (4 Total)
● Input AC: 50Hz to 60Hz, 100-240V
● Splitter dimensions: 10.9”W x 1.1”H x 6.1”D (277W x 28H x 156D mm)
Note: All Cat5e/6 cables must be terminated to 568B standards.
Unsheilded (or properly terminated sheilded cable), solid core Cat5e,
Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7 or Cat7e cable can be used. Stranded core is not
suggested as it can reduce signal transfer. Recommended to use a
continuous length of cable terminated at the matrix and receiver ends.
With the splitter power switch in the OFF position, connect the HDMI
High Speed cable from the HDMI Output of the audio/video source to the
HDMI Input located on the rear of the splitter.
Tips: Use the shortest length HDMI cables possible in each point
in the installation. Use only High Quality and High Speed HDMI
Next, connect a Cat5e/6 cable to the HDBaseT Out 1 port on the rear of
the splitter. Connect the other end of the Cat5e/6 cable to the HDBaseT
IN port on the rear of the HDBaseT receiver positioned near the TV. Run
a short, High Speed HDMI cable from the HDMI Out port on the receiver
to the HDMI In port on the TV. Plug a provided power adapter into an
AC outlet and the other end into the HDBaseT receiver. Using the same
steps, connect the remaining displays to the splitter.
Important: The HDBaseT Receivers when operating are warm and do
require space around the housing for air circulation and coollng. Do not
enclose the HDBaseT receiver. If placed behind a component such as a
TV, ensure that there is adequate space for air circulation and ambient
cooling and that there is no heat being generated and transmitted to the
receiver from the other device. Damage caused by improper placement
and overheating of the splitter or the receiver is not covered by the
product warranty.
On initial power on, all LED lights on the splitter should come on solid
blue. If less than the maximum number of Displays are connected to
the splitter (not all the outputs are used) there will be no corresponding
HDMI OUT blue LED for the unused output. Blue lights will only appear
for devices connected.
The HDBaseT Receiver has 4 LED indicators:
1. HDCP: A solid LED indicates that the HDCP handshake between the
source and display has been authenticated.
2. Link: Indicates a connection between the Matrix and the Receiver.
3. Mode: A flashing LED indicates correct operation of the system.
4. Power: A solid LED indicates power to the receiver.
LED Indicator Lights
specifications continued:
● Receiver dimensions: 4.4” W x .9” H x 3” D (112W x 23H x 76D mm)
● Operating temperature range: 5 to 131°F (-15 to 55°C)
● Operating humidity range: 5% to 90% RH (no condensation)

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UltraAV K078C-008B | K078C-008B
Extensor AV
826388108240, 0826388108240
Manual de usuario (PDF)
TipoAV transmitter & receiver
Máxima resolución1920 x 1080
Tipos de cable soportadosCat5e, Cat6
Distancia de transferencia máxima70
Sistema de audioMultichannel
Formato de vídeo soportado1080p
Ancho de banda6.75
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado
Ancho de banda225
Color del productoBlack
Indicadores LED
Puertos e Interfaces
Puertos de salida RJ-454
Entrada HDMI1
Versión HDMI1.4a
Enchufe de entrada de CC
Control de energía
Voltaje de entrada AC100-240
Frecuencia de entrada AC50 - 60
Adaptador de energía externo
Peso y dimensiones
Dimensiones del transmisor (ancho x largo x alto)277 x 156 x 28
Contenido del empaque
Adaptador AC incluido
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