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Take Control

software is known for its pro-
ductivity, compatibility, and reliability—with
each release delivering drafting enhance-
ments that help improve your workflow
and accuracy. Discover the competitive
advantage that comes from using the latest
version of the industry-leading 2D drafting
and detailing software.
Testing proves it: AutoCAD LT users can
work up to 36 percent* faster with AutoCAD
LT 2010 than with earlier versions. Now
AutoCAD LT 2011 builds on productivity gains
with new tools that help make everyday
tasks easier, as well as with new features that
provide flexibility and help you manage the
appearance of drawings. The professional
choice in 2D drafting software now oers
more ways to improve your drawing produc-
tivity. Take control with AutoCAD LT 2011.
Get more done, with fewer steps required to
perform day-to-day drafting tasks.
Increase your communication accuracy, with
greater control over a drawing’s on-screen
and plotted appearance.
Make your software work the way you work,
with access to online help and support on all
available Microsoft operating systems.
For more information about AutoCAD LT 2011
software, including a free** 30-day trial, go to
To purchase, visit
Improved Drafting Tools
Continual enhancements to 2D tools in AutoCAD LT
software help make drafting easier and more productive. In
AutoCAD LT 2011, new grips for polyline and hatch editing
enable you to more easily add or remove vertices or convert
line segments to arcs, and vice versa. A new Hatch contex-
tual user interface enables you to change a hatch’s scale,
angle, or origin on the fly. Text in linetypes always stays
readable, regardless of the line’s direction. When rotat ing a
viewport, you can use one command to choose whether the
view shown will maintain its original orienta tion or rotate
along with the viewport.
RESULT: Fewer steps needed to accomplish everyday drafting
Better Communication of Design Intent
Publish high-quality PDFs directly from AutoCAD LT to
easily share information. Objects and layers in AutoCAD
LT 2011 can be made transparent, so you can see through
them. Transparency aects both plotting and on-screen
appearance, giving you more options for identifying phases
of work, highlighting areas of a drawing, and more. The new
Hide and Isolate Objects tools enable you to display only
the objects you need, regardless of their layer.
RESULT: Greater control over a drawing’s on-screen and
plotted appearance and high-quality PDF output for more
eective communication and sharing.
Windows 7 Certification
AutoCAD LT 2011 is the first AutoCAD LT version to be
7 certified. Upgrade your hard-
ware and operating system with the knowledge that both
32-bit and 64-bit versions of AutoCAD LT 2011 software
are compatible with—and are supported on—all avail-
able Microsoft
operating systems, including Windows 7,
Windows Vista
, and Windows XP.
RESULT: Take advantage of the latest version of the popular
Windows operating system.
Additional AutoCAD Functionality
Several tools previously available only in AutoCAD
ware are accessible in AutoCAD LT software. In AutoCAD
LT 2011, the new Quick Dimension tool enables you to more
easily create a series of dimensions for selected objects.
Create irregular boundaries or trace over objects with the
Sketch command. Add colors and patterns to your drawings
with gradient fills. Use the Align command to move, rotate,
and scale objects to line up with other objects. Non-rectan-
gular viewports are also supported, enabling you to create a
viewport in any shape you need.
RESULT: More tools to enhance productivity.

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