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Clean after each use to prevent the build up of dirt
and limescale deposits. Use a mild and gentle de-
tergent, such as washing up liquid, and apply with a
soft brush or sponge. Use the shower head to rinse.
Remove any discolouration with citric acid or tartaric
acid. Apply a little to a damp cloth and rub the spot.
Rinse thoroughly. Limescale deposits are most easily
and safely removed with household vinegar. Apply a
little vinegar to a damp cloth and rub the spot, rinsing
thoroughly afterwards.
Our bathtubs are available with an extra surface treat-
ment called “glazeplus”. This is a crystal-clear polymer
film that protects the surface of you bathtub against
dirt and limescale deposits – which facilitates clea-
ning and reduces the amount of detergent you need
to use.
Products treated with glazeplus treatment must be
protected during decorating or renovation work as
the chemicals used by builders can damage the glaze.
Inform the concerned workers of this. Glazeplus
surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth – but
NOT a microfibre cloth – and a mild detergent.
If you want to wash or soak clothes, you should use a
mild – preferably liquid – handwashing detergent me-
ant for delicate items. Powerful washing and pre-soak
detergents can damage the bathtub enamel.
Never use abrasive detergents, steel wool, abrasive
sponges, cleaners


Gustavsberg bathroom furniture is water-resistant,
but should not be rinsed down with water. Avoid pla-
cing the furniture right next to the bathtub or shower
without a proper shower screen. Water should not be
left on any surfaces, but wiped up as soon as possible.
Clean with a mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Take care of your baThroom and

your baThroom will Take care of you.

Keeping your bathroom clean is not just about hygiene. With proper care, all surfaces and
components will perform better and last longer. Simply follow this advice:

ProducTcare inSTrucTionS

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