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Intended use of the device

The device - vacuum cleaner, easy to move on the floor - is intended
exclusively for dry vacuuming of „cold ash“ from fireplaces, boilers,
grills and similar devices burning solid fuels - wood, wood briquettes,
brown / black coal, etc., to the extent specified technical and operating
parameters and functions, safety and user instructions, and external
influences of the operating environment.
ORAVA electrical devices are manufactured according to the state of
the art and recognized safety rules. Nevertheless, improper or improper
use or improper use may result in injury or endangerment to the life of
the user or a third party, or to a third party. damage to equipment and
other property.
This document contains important safety instructions and warnings for
safe, correct and economical operation of the electrical equipment. Its
compliance helps the user avoid risks, increase reliability and product
In this document, the generic term product is used in text parts such as:
electrical equipment - any device used for the production, conversion,
transmission, distribution or use of electricity.
From the point of view of the purpose of using electricity, the concept
of electrical equipment in the strict sense of the word will include the
following categories:
- household electric devices,
- information and communication equipment,
- consumer electronics,
- lighting equipment,
- electrical and electronic tools,
- toys and equipment for sporting and recreational
1.1 General safety instructions
Before commissioning the unit, we recommend that you carefully read
the operating instructions and operate the equipment in accordance
with the instructions!
The safety instructions and warnings in this manual do not cover all
the possible conditions and situations that may arise when using
the device. The user must understand that a factor that can not be
incorporated into any of the products is responsibility and caution.
These factors must therefore be ensured by users / users who use and
operate this device.

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VY-235 | VY-235
Manual de usuario (PDF)
Color del productoBlack
Tipo de limpiadorDry
TipoCylinder vacuum
Capacidad para polvo20
Color del productoBlack
Control de energía
Potencia máx. de entrada120
Consumo de energía anual-
Potencia máx. de entrada120
Tipo de limpiadorDry
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